People’s Happiness shall overrule economic growth.

Shodja Willowdale

Earth Solidarity


Voting for Earth Solidarity is voting for a clean environment, and for the establishment of a New World Order of Non-Violence, Ethics, Khowledge, Entente, and Peace.

  • Tax Cuts. 
  • Reducing Sales tax.(Sales tax are unjust and detrimental to lower income people).
  • Eliminating poverty by establishing a Guaranty Minimum Income.
  • Extending Health Insurance to include Dental. Changing the Health System to make it more preventive and less bureaucratic.
  • Increasing Federal Income by other means than just taxing people (can be done)
  • Decentralizing and decreasing Federal government size and interferences, giving power to the local. Freeing citizens in their private peaceful life and arrangements. Government must not interfere in adults private matters.
  • The UN needs to be radically reformed and strengthened.
  • Strengthening freedom of thought and speak, vs political correctness censorship.
  • Establishing strong Incentives in the building of green homes and green villages.
  • Seriously enforcing and encouraging the 3 R: Reduce consumption, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Establishing strong incentives in replacing fossil fuel cars by electrical and green means of transport: cars or whatever.
  • Inducing militaries in Canada and worldwide to the task of cleaning the environment.
  • Governments must stop labelling each others as 'enemies'.
  • Establishing a scale to calculate National Happiness Growth as opposed to Economic growth (for example Ontario stands in Canada amongst provinces with fastest economic growth, but ranks amongst those in which people are less happy).
  • Establishing policies to eliminate carbon emissions (forget about carbon tax that does not eliminate carbon emissions) and to eliminate all kind of pollutions, including noise pollution and moral pollution.
  • Working more closely with the United Nations: reforming by strengthening it.
  • Proposing Qatar and the Emirates (fake oil producing States) to become UN territories, UN owning their oil and controlling its wild exploitation. Natural resopurces should belong to the United Nations, not to private owners.
  • Establishing a system of 3 days weekend holiday & 4-day work.
  • Establishing days of “no cars’’,on certain streets.
  • Encouraging ‘works’ that are clean, not polluting, and not in need of means of solidarity
  • Investing massively on non-polluting means of transportation.
  • Stopping moving the clock time. (Instead, let us adjust our life to the change of seasons,cherish the seasonal change and celebrate our life on Earth).
  • 5 day holidays to celebrate each change of season, as we already do it for Winter.
  • Establishing a new Universal Calendar Worldwide. Perhaps the whole world can consider being in the year 119, not 2019 (Christian year 1900=0). Starting of a new Human History with the discovery and the worldwide use of the electricity.
  • Looking for more positive, loving, initiatives for everyone’s wellbeing and happiness.